Restoring integrity and protecting each and every Pennsylvanian

I’m running for Attorney General because we need to restore integrity and challenge the status quo to protect each and every Pennsylvanian. I’ve taken on the special interests, like when I fired the Wall Street money managers who were ripping off retirees in Montgomery County, and I know how to deliver meaningful reform.

We need to hold the frackers accountable for the damage they do to our air and water and aggressively prosecute scammers who target older Pennsylvanians and businesses that take advantage of consumers.

We must ensure women are treated fairly in the workplace and get equal pay for equal work. I am the only candidate who will always defend a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.

I also believe we must reform the criminal justice system to make it more fair, treat drug addiction as a disease instead of a crime, address the heroin epidemic in a comprehensive way, and fight the scourge of illegal guns.

I’m running to be an Attorney General who will always fight for you.

Learn about Josh’s vision to take on the status quo to protect all Pennsylvanians.