Shapiro: Health clubs, gyms closed for more than 30 days obligated to provide refunds to consumers who cancel

A health club or gym that is closed for more than 30 days is obligated to provide refunds to consumers who cancel their memberships under Pennsylvania’s Health Club Act, Attorney General Josh Shapiro said.

To receive a refund under the law, members need to send a letter confirming their cancellation to their health club or gym through certified mail or in person. For the health and safety of staff and customers, Shapiro is asking gyms to accept cancellations by email, phone, or regular mail due to the Commonwealth-wide closures of brick-and-mortar health club facilities.

Shapiro is also calling on all facilities that provide health club services in Pennsylvania to stop billing members while the facilities are shut down, and to freeze the charges of their accounts at no charge to the members while Pennsylvania addresses this emergency.

“Consumers in Pennsylvania have legal protections when it comes to health club memberships, and we enforce those laws. Members should not be charged for services not provided and should have the ability to cancel membership services they cannot use during this pandemic,” said Shapiro. “Private gyms and health clubs need to stop charging fees for services they cannot provide until the public health emergency is over.”

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