Josh Shapiro, other AGs lobby for federal student loan relief amid pandemic

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and New York Attorney General Attorney Letitia James led a group of more than two dozen attorneys general in urging the U.S. Department of Education to use its emergency powers to help federal student loan borrowers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The attorneys general wrote a letter to U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos asking her to take specific steps to protect borrowers from further financial burden and debt collection because of job losses and lost wages.

The letter said that although the Department of Education has already taken some steps to help student loan borrowers, further measures are needed.

“Right now, Pennsylvanians are losing their jobs at historic rates and need to pay for groceries and keep their families healthy,” Mr. Shapiro said in a statement Thursday. “Secretary DeVos must act immediately to provide relief for those in need. Using her authority to suspend loan payments is in the best interest of all Americans during this emergency.”

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