Avoid scams, report price-gouging, and know your rights with AG Josh Shapiro’s coronavirus guide

With growing reports of price-gouging, housing insecurity, and general confusion surrounding what rights Pennsylvanians have as tenants, employees, and citizens during the coronavirus, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has published a guide to help ease that uncertainty.

“My office is working to protect the health, safety, and financial security of all Pennsylvanians during this public health and economic emergency,” said Shapiro. “With the intense amount of information and misinformation out there, we wanted to help individuals impacted by this crisis, know the facts, their rights, and what they are entitled to during these uncertain times.”

The guide includes resources for mental health, reporting scams and price-gouging, as well as clarifications about student loan forgiveness, mortgage leniency, paid sick leave, unemployment, and utility shut-offs.

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