Pa. AG Shapiro says Trump’s tipped wage proposal could take money from workers

The Pennsylvania attorney general is planning to challenge the federal government if the Trump administration goes ahead with a proposal to change how tipped workers are paid, saying he fears it will lead to restaurant workers making less money.

Right now, restaurant owners in Pennsylvania can pay workers in two ways.

They can give them the standard, $7.25 an hour minimum wage, or they can pay the state’s $2.83 tipped wage and make sure workers get enough tips to make up the rest.

A proposed federal rule would change that, by eliminating a requirement that workers paid less than the minimum wage spend at least 80 percent of their time doing tipped work.

Instead, all tips could be pooled among front-of-house workers, and cooks, dishwashers, and other non-tipped employees.

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro said he thinks it would just lead to all the workers being paid lower base salaries and making less in tips.

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