Attorney General Josh Shapiro talks the student debt crisis at the Community College of Philadelphia

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro is a pretty educated guy. As if his elected position didn’t give away that distinction, Shapiro attended the University of Rochester in New York for undergrad before heading to Georgetown in the nation’s capital for a law degree.

After graduating, Shapiro dove head first into a career in public service and has stayed the course to this day as Attorney General.

Now, even though his Attorney General salary is not too shabby, Shapiro admitted to a crowd on Monday night at the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) that as he sends his first son off to college next year, he himself “isn’t close” to paying off his own steep student loan debts.

The admission came in the context of a town hall Shapiro held Monday night alongside Seth Frotman, executive director of the Student Borrower Protection Center in Washington D.C. at CCP to discuss the overall student debt crisis, its status in Pennsylvania and what his office is doing to help.

Numbers-wise, one in four Americans are paying back their student loans from college for a grand total of $1.53 trillion of student loan debt across the country.

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