Humbled and Determined

By Josh Shapiro

As the results poured in on Tuesday night, and I learned that the people of Pennsylvania placed their trust in me as their next Attorney General, I was humbled and deeply grateful.

Over eleven months (and 54,354 miles) we successfully challenged conventional wisdom and on Election Day Pennsylvanians chose an Attorney General who will be a champion for the rights, health and safety of everyone.

To me, that means standing up for the senior in Scranton targeted by scam artists, the mother in Butler County paying 600 percent more for EpiPens, the son suffering from the disease of drug addiction, and the families being hurt by a rip-off economy and special interests who depend on the status quo.

It means working to prevent more victims of gun violence, always fighting to protect the rights of women and LGBTQ Pennsylvanians and reforming our criminal justice system to make it fairer for all of us.

I am keenly aware of the anxiety many Americans feel right now, and am determined to be your champion. As the chief law enforcement officer of our Commonwealth I will do my part to protect people’s rights, stand up for the values that make our country strong, and live up to the confidence Pennsylvanians have placed in me – to be the People’s Attorney General.

Know that your voice made a difference for me and will always be heard in our democracy. Thank you for your support and your friendship,

– Josh