Philadelphia Daily News Endorses Josh Shapiro Citing “Integrity” and “Vision”

The following is an excerpt of the Philadelphia Daily News’ endorsement of Josh Shapiro for Attorney General, published Thursday, October 27th.


The next attorney general has a huge clean-up job, both internally and externally, to restore the public’s faith, as well as to turn around a poisonous and destructive office culture.

We trust Josh Shapiro with that job. Shapiro, a Democrat, was known as a state legislator who pushed for ethics reform – a nearly impossible task in Harrisburg – and prevailed, and continued his reform as chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. He has intelligence and integrity, and while he doesn’t have prosecutorial experience, he has vision and the ability to refocus the office to work on behalf of citizens. Among other issues, he wants to focus on the opioid addiction problem, scammers who target seniors and reasonable controls for guns. But his pledge to instill ethics training and implement a code of conduct for his office gives us the most hope. […]

Shapiro’s background makes him the candidate to restore trust and credibility to the office.