United Mine Workers Endorse Shapiro

The United Mine Workers of America, representing 20,000 retirees and workers across the Commonwealth, endorsed Democrat Josh Shapiro for Attorney General for his commitment to be the people’s Attorney General and protect workers and retirees.

“There’s a war on workers, seniors and retirees going on right now from scam artists targeting veterans to pension poachers and fraudulent companies cheating people out of their retirements and Pennsylvania’s top lawyer needs to do something about it,” said Ed Yankovich, International District 2 Vice President of the United Mine Workers of America. “Josh Shapiro will be the people’s Attorney General; he’ll protect pensions for the people who built this country and fight for the health, safety and wages of the miners and working families who power our economy today,” added Yankovich.

“I’ll be the people’s Attorney General and prosecute the rip-off economy that benefits the powerful and harms men and women who work for a living,” said Shapiro. “I’m humbled to have the support of Pennsylvania’s miners, who deserve an economy that treats them fairly, and the thousands of other workers and retirees represented by the UMWA. As Attorney General I’ll enforce the law when powerful interests rip off seniors and retirees or chip away at the paychecks, health and safety of Pennsylvanians,” said Shapiro.

Josh Shapiro is the Democratic Nominee for Pennsylvania Attorney General and has been unanimously endorsed by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, the U.S. Steelworkers, and a host of other labor and law enforcement organizations across the Commonwealth. The largest local F.O.P. in Pennsylvania, Lodge 5, has endorsed Shapiro and one of the longest serving Republican District Attorney’s in the Commonwealth, Jim Martin, has also crossed party lines to support Josh. As the Democratic nominee Josh has spoken out for greater protections for consumers against fraudulent business practices and scams, a comprehensive solution to address the heroin epidemic, greater respect for police and the communities they serve, and has vowed to hold powerful insiders accountable when they break the law. You can read more at www.joshshapiro.org.