Shapiro Releases Comprehensive Plans to Protect Pennsylvania’s Students

As students across Pennsylvania return to school, from kindergarten through college, Montgomery County Commissioner and Chairman of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Josh Shapiro released his plans to keep students safe and protect their protect their rights and well-being as Attorney General.

“As a father of four, I understand that colleges and universities must be safe for our children to learn, grow and develop. Campus sexual assault is a pressing issue that we must confront together as a community. We need to change the culture on our campuses, and implement effective policies to support survivors and ensure the safety of students.”

Shapiro’s plan to lead the fight against campus sexual assault includes the following elements:
• Promote prevention, best practices and a culture of consent.
• Develop a model memorandum of understanding to clarify roles of responders to sexual assault on campus.
• Ensure survivors receive critical support services.
• Provide education and technical assistance to comply with federal law and protect all students.
• Eliminate the evidence backlog in sexual assault cases.
• Encourage reporting and hold higher education institutions accountable for purposeful non-disclosure.

“Every Pennsylvanian has a constitutional right to a ‘thorough and efficient’ public education. But far too many aren’t afforded this right in some school districts in Pennsylvania. Then, once students move on to higher education, too many are saddled with student debt or caught up in scams. As Attorney General, I’ll uphold our students’ constitutional rights, protect students from scams and ensure that Pennsylvanians receive the education they deserve.”

Shapiro’s plan to protect every student’s right to a good education includes the following proposals:
• Uphold every Pennsylvanian’s constitutional right to a “thorough and efficient” public education.
• Crack down on for-profit college scams.
• Protect student borrowers from predatory lenders and collection agencies.
• Lead the fight against bullying.
• Train school police and resource officers to work with children and youth.

You can read the full plan to combat campus sexual assault here.

You can read the full plan to protect every student’s right to a good education here.