Shapiro Lays Out “People’s Attorney” Vision to Protect Wages & Workers’ Rights

Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro released his plan to help women earn equal pay for equal work, prosecute wage violations that steal $32 million a week from working Pennsylvanians, and uphold workplace and collective bargaining rights to protect Pennsylvanians from the rip-off economy. Shapiro’s plan received widespread support from labor leaders including Richard Bloomingdale, President of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, Matthew Yarnell, President of SEIU Healthcare PA, and attorney Todd Eagen.

“As a State Representative and Chairman of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, Josh Shapiro has a long record of standing with working men and women. Through his years of public service, he understands the struggles that workers and their families face every day. We are confident that as Attorney General he will continue to fight on behalf of Pennsylvania’s working families,” said Richard Bloomingdale, President of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.

“The members of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania are excited to have a candidate for Attorney General who so keenly understands the issues of Pennsylvania’s working families. Josh Shapiro’s comprehensive plan to protect wages and workers’ rights is proof that as our next Attorney General, he will protect the rights of ALL Pennsylvanians, regardless of wealth, gender, race, sexual orientation, or religious belief,” said Matthew Yarnell, President of SEIU Healthcare PA. “That’s why healthcare professionals across the Commonwealth will be hitting the streets to help elect Josh Shapiro Attorney General in November.”

“I’ve seen businesses scamming their employees out of their wages and rights, and am proud to support Josh because he will take on the guys ripping off Pennsylvanians as this plan makes clear. The powerful interests have plenty of lawyers on their payroll, it’s time the people of Pennsylvania had an Attorney fighting for them,” said labor lawyer Todd Eagen from Scranton.

“I’ll prosecute the people behind the rip-off economy when they illegally pay women less than men, force everyday Pennsylvanians into working overtime without pay, or purposefully misclassify workers to avoid paying taxes and benefits,” declared Shapiro.

His plan to protect wages and workers’ rights include the following policy proposals:
• Protect workers from wage theft.
• End worker misclassification.
• Stop discrimination in the workplace and ensure equal pay for equal work.
• Prevent employers from retaliating against employees who exercise their rights.
• Uphold Pennsylvanians’ right to organize and collectively bargain.
• Establish a Fair Labor Unit within the Office of Attorney General.

You can read the full plan here.