National Organization for Women Endorses Josh Shapiro for Attorney General

Today, Pennsylvania NOW PAC announced its endorsement of Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro for Attorney General. Pennsylvania NOW is the Pennsylvania state chapter of the National Organization for Women, the country’s largest feminist political organization, representing 13,000 contributing members and 20 local chapters around the state.

“Josh Shapiro is the one candidate for Attorney General we trust to protect the rights of women,” said Pennsylvania NOW President Caryn Hunt. “As Attorney General, he’ll crack down on pay discrimination and continue to root out misogyny from law enforcement. Josh is dedicated to protecting women’s constitutional right to access reproductive healthcare, including abortion care, against attacks by the Republican-led legislature. These issues certainly concern the women of Pennsylvania.”

“I’m proud to have earned Pennsylvania NOW’s endorsement,” said Shapiro. “I’ve always been a staunch defender of women’s rights and women’s access to health care and I’ll stand up for those rights as Attorney General.”

“Women’s rights are an issue for Attorneys General across the country, and are certain to be an issue for Pennsylvania’s next Attorney General,” added Hunt. “They’ve also become an issue in this campaign. We want an Attorney General that will represent women’s rights vigorously, someone who respects women. That’s why we endorsed Josh.”