League of Conservation Voters Endorses Josh Shapiro

By Joe Radosevich

Today, Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro earned the endorsement of Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania and released his plan to hold the fracking industry accountable when they pollute Pennsylvania’s air and water.

“As Attorney General, Josh Shapiro will seek criminal penalties for those who poison our air and water,” said Josh McNeil, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of PA. “Our next Attorney General will have unique power to hold polluters accountable for their actions. Electing Josh Shapiro may be one of the most important environmental decisions that voters make this year.”

“I’m proud that conservation voters from every corner of our Commonwealth are standing with me in this campaign,” said Shapiro. “Clean air and pure water aren’t luxuries in Pennsylvania – they are rights which I will staunchly defend by criminally prosecuting those who violate our environmental laws.”

Shapiro’s plan to hold the fracking industry accountable includes the following proposals:

  • Bring impact litigation against frackers when there is evidence they have undermined Pennsylvanians’ right to “clean air” and “pure water”
  • Elevate and empower the Office of Attorney General’s Environmental Crimes Unit
  • Direct the Public Protection Division to focus on environmental crimes
  • Increase coordination between the Attorney General and the Departments of Environmental Protection and Health
  • Tougher penalties for repeat offenders and violations close to schools and hospitals
  • Create a special task force of District Attorneys from impacted communities to coordinate and share information

“The fracking industry alone has racked up more than 5,200 known violations and is responsible for 271 documented instances of water contamination,” added Shapiro. “It’s time we get tough on the frackers and polluters and that’s exactly what I’ll do as your Attorney General.”