Josh Shapiro: I will always protect women’s rights

By Josh Shapiro

Today, extreme politicians in Harrisburg are pushing a new bill that criminalizes a woman’s constitutional right to make her own medical decisions in consultation with her doctor.

The proposal is unconstitutional, would put women’s lives at risk and I strongly oppose it.

I’m proud to be endorsed by Planned Parenthood PA PAC, and as Attorney General I will always protect women’s rights. Sign the petition to stand with me and Planned Parenthood in opposing this extreme measure.

The bill dictates specific medical procedures to doctors, and actually increases the risk of complications for women who need legal reproductive health services. It’s unconscionable that politicians would put women’s lives at risk in this way.

Similar laws in others states have been rejected by courts across the country because they fly in the face of 40 years of precedent from the Supreme Court of the United States.

Let’s make a stand for women’s rights in Pennsylvania tonight — tell Harrisburg to oppose this unconstitutional legislation.

Thank you.